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PDPM for the Whole Facilty

Grab any of our easy-to-use PDPM tools to help your staff prepare and transition to PDPM. Cut through the noise with practical, clear ways to adopt PDPM. 
Don't hesitate to call (954) MDS-3-ADL or email gbrentrn@mds-consultants.com for even more PDPM help!

  • PDPM Step-By-Step Scoring Guide

    An indispensable tool for every MDS Coordinator. Get our simple PDPM step-by-step calculator to manually calculate a PDPM score and fully understand the details of PDPM scoring. 

    Only $24.95 + shipping

  • PDPM Resource Guide and Tools

    Get our comprehensive PDPM guide book for what you need every day.  Over 60 pages of tools include:

    1. PDPM Scoring Guide
    2. CMS Guidelines
    3. Answers to Frequently Asked PDPM Questions

    Only $39.95 + shipping

  • Attend our June PDPM Seminar in Rochester

    Attend this half day in person seminar with our expert Melanie Tribe Scott BSN, RN, RAC-MTA, CQP - who will guide you with practical, effective insights to make the best of PDPM.

  • Free "Preparing Your Team for PDPM" Video

    Watch this free 15 minute strategy webinar by Gloria Brent with insights and recommendations on how to avoid PDPM pitfalls.