PDPM for the Whole Facilty

Grab any of our easy-to-use PDPM tools to help your staff prepare and transition to PDPM. Cut through the noise with practical, clear ways to adopt PDPM. 
Don't hesitate to call (954) MDS-3-ADL or email gbrentrn@mds-consultants.com for even more PDPM help!

  • Free Webinar "ICD-10 Coding - Helpful information for Physicians"

    Learn how to complete ICD-10 coding in light of new PDPM reimbursement rules for Skilled Nursing Facilities.

  • Free Webinar "Preparing Your Team for PDPM"

    Watch this free 15 minute strategy webinar by Gloria Brent with insights and recommendations for the interdisciplinary team on how to avoid PDPM pitfalls.

PDPM Tools for Purchase

In addition to our free webinars, we are also offering easy-to-use PDPM tools to help your staff prepare and manage PDPM.
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  • PDPM Step-By-Step Scoring Guide

    An indispensable tool for every MDS Coordinator. Get our simple PDPM step-by-step calculator to manually calculate a PDPM score and fully understand the details of PDPM scoring. 

    Only $24.95 + shipping


    Get our comprehensive PDPM guide book for what you need every day. Tools include PDPM Scoring Guide, CMS Guidelines and Answers to Frequently Asked PDPM Questions.

    Only $39.95 + shipping