The PDPM Expertise Needs

Get expert, practical PDPM help tailored to your facility.  We will make your team more proficient in skilled documentation, ICD-10 coding, Interim Payment Assessments, Medicare regulations, reimbursement maximization, and of course PDPM.

View our 2020 courses to train and certify your DON's, MDS Coordinators and QAPI staff.  Now being held across the US.

Use our expert staff for short-term MDS completion help or to audit your MDS' or current systems.

Get free or low cost tools, webinars and resources you can start using today.

  • Help Only When You Need It

    We enable our customers to be self-manage their own MDS'.  Use our Temporary Completion services to bridge the gap when your MDS Coordinator leaves, or to cover for vacations or leaves. Our dedicated staff has experience across most EHR and MDS software tools.

  • Grow Staff Expertise

    Get your staff expertly trained on the latest PDPM and MDS regulations.  Don't let turnover hurt your patient assessments and lower your reimbursements.  We will train new hires, or teach existing staff on the ins and outs of PDPM and MDS. 

  • Keep The Revenue You Earned

    Worried you might be missing out on revenue?  Our cost-effective Audit Services identify gaps and risks in your coding and documentation. We also perform Medicare Eligibility Evaluations to ensure that you are appropriately assessing and documenting all of your skilled nursing residents.

See how our short-term MDS Completion services can work for you!

MDS Consultants strives to help Long-Term Care Facilities create an environment of quality care and fiscal responsibility through comprehensive MDS and PDPM services.

MDS Completion On Demand

Short-term or Permanent

Expert MDS Coordinators available at a moment's notice to make your MDS assessments current and prevent deficiencies for timely completion.


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PDPM, MDS and System Integrity Audits

Something not right?

Make sure your MDS' comply with the latest RAI Manual. Get a check up of your MDS systems to ensure accurate and efficient MDS are being submitted.  Plan ahead with PDPM audits to get your team ready.


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MDS, PDPM and QAPI Education


Learn from the Best!

* Prepare & certify MDS Coordinators

* Coach CNA's on ADL documentation

* Educate all your staff on QAPI and PDPM


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