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MDS System Audits
Data Integrity Audits
MDS System Management
MDS Completion Assistance
MDS Training and Education
Medicare Eligibility Evaluations

MDS Consultants strives to help Long-Term Care Facilities create an environment of quality care and fiscal responsibility through comprehensive MDS training and services.

Temporary MDS Coordinator Placement

Replacements for the position of MDS Coordinator during vacations, illness or waiting to fill a vacant position.

Medicare Eligibility Evaluations

Weekly evaluations of Medicare eligibility for skilled nursing.  Review and submit detailed report if medical record substantiates Medicare A eligibility.

MDS Training and Education

On-site training for new MDS Coordinators, education for general MDS staff and instruction for CNAs on ADL documentation.

MDS System Managment

Development, integration and operation of MDS systems to ensure efficiency and accuracy of your MDS system according to state and federal mandates.

Data Integrity Audits

Monthly audits of MDS assessments to ensure appropriate documentation of patient information according to rules and regulations outlined in the RAI Manual.

Emergency MDS Completion

Expert MDS Coordinators available at a moment's notice to make your MDS assessments current and prevent deficiencies for timely completion.

  • Get Short Term Help

    We focus on helping customers be self-sustaining in managing their MDS'.  Use us to bridge the gap when your MDS Coordinator leaves, or cover for vacations and leaves. We have experience with many MDS and EMR software tools.

  • Improve Your Staff

    Bring us in to get your staff expertly trained on the latest MDS information.  Turnover can hurt your RUGS scores and lower reimbursements.  Whether new staff training or MDS refreshers, we'll keep your MDS system in compliance with CMS rules and regulations.

  • Keep Revenue Flow

    Don't let your billings fall behind.  On a moment's notice we can complete your MDS assessments on a per diem basis for your facility.

Be an MDS Expert!

Stay on top of changes to the MDS and get helpful tips from the Minimum Data Set 3.0 experts.


"Ms. Brent demonstrates a keen knowledge and understanding of the MDS process.  Her ability to capture the appropriate information resulted in significant increases in our prospective payment system reimbursement.  Ms. Brent's ability to work closely with therapy, nursing, activities and social work was and is crucial to the success of our operation." 

Large Care Network

John Z.

"I was very impressed with their knowledge base.  Bringing the clinical and financial worlds together in a facility is a win-win for all."

New York Hospital


"Well done! Learned a lot! Good even for a novice!"

New York Hospital

Senior Director of Clinical Services

"Gloria welcomed questions from staff participants and got all staff involved in the presentation."

Long Island Hospital

Dietary Technician

"Excellent for all disciplines and levels of experience."

Large Skilled Nursing Facility


I wanted to let you know that Karen did an exceptional job while the DOH was here for our survey. Karen answered their questions and provided them with the necessary documentation, which made one of their issues go away. I truly appreciate all that Karen has done.  KUDOS TO KAREN!!!!!!

Large Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation Center