MDS Completion Services by MDS Consultants

MDS Consultants offers an array of services to assist you throughout the entire MDS process.

  • MDS Completion

    In a bind?  Time crunch?  MDS Consultants offers MDS completion services on short notice.  If your facility finds itself out of compliance with timely completion, our experts can provide immediate assistance to complete the job and prevent any regulatory penalties.

  • MDS System Management

    MDS systems demand time and resources.  Our experts can assist in the design and development of your MDS system, its integration with other operational systems such as EHRs, as well as the overall functioning of daily MDS operations.

  • Medicare Eligibility Evaluations

    Medicare eligibility directly affects your reimbursement.  Our weekly Medicare Eligibility Evaluations ensure that you are appropriately assessing and documenting all of your skilled nursing residents.

Want Help from an MDS Expert?

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