MDS Services

MDS Consultants offers an array of services to assist you throughout the entire MDS process.

MDS System Audits

An effective MDS system requires an interdisciplinary approach to function properly.  Our MDS System Audits are a comprehensive review of your entire MDS system - from MDS scheduling to MDS completion to MDS data integrity.

Data Integrity Audits

Insufficient care documentation results in lost reimbursement.  Our Data Integrity Audits are monthly audits of four Comprehensive MDS Assessments to ensure that the information provided in the MDS is consistent with the care being given and documented at the facility.

MDS System Managment

MDS systems demand time and resources.  Our experts can assist in the design and development of your MDS system, its integration with other operational systems such as EHRs, as well as the overall functioning of daily MDS operations.

MDS Training and Education

On-site training and educational seminars provide your MDS staff with the latest knowledge, instruction and guidance.  Popular sessions include:

  • Medicaid CMI and the MDS 3.0
  • Understanding the Financial Aspects of MDS
  • MDS 3.0 and Quality Measures - How It All Comes Together
  • A Pocket Guide for Owners/Administrators to Assess the Effectiveness of their MDS System

Nurse Leadership Mentoring

Nursing leadership competency is critical to facility operations.  Our 1:1 mentoring programs train your Nursing Management staff - Directors of Nursing, Assistant Directors of Nursing, MDS Coordinators, Inservice Directors and Nurse Managers - in all aspects of long-term care.  Each program is customized to your facility and the knowledge base of your staff.  MDS Consultants can also provide facility nursing evaluations to help ensure all aspects of each Nurse Management position are being completed.

Medicare Eligibility Evaluations

Medicare eligibility directly affects your reimbursement.  Our weekly Medicare Eligibility Evaluations ensure that you are appropriately assessing and documenting all of your skilled nursing residents.

Emergency MDS Completion

In a bind?  Time crunch?  MDS Consultants offers emergency MDS completion services on short notice.  If your facility finds itself out of compliance with timely completion, our experts can provide immediate assistance - on-site or remotely - to complete the job and prevent any regulatory penalties.

Temporary MDS Coordinator Placement

Our team of highly-trained professional nurses are experts in the field of MDS Management, and ready to provide your facility with temporary staffing solutions for interruptions such as:

  • MDS Coordinator Vacation, FMLA or Disability
  • Interviewing of MDS Candidates
  • New MDS Employee Training/Transition
  • Short-Term or Long-Term Absences

MDS Consultants will travel to your facility on a per diem basis to complete MDS assessments when demands from census fluctuations exceed your MDS staffing levels.  Our consultants can be called in at a moment's notice for any reason, and have experience in working with numerous MDS Software products and EMRs.

Want Help from an MDS Expert?

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